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Mykonos Easter Traditions – Mykonos Excursions

Mykonos Easter Traditions

Easter in Mykonos

On the first Saturday after Shrove Monday, the icon of Panagia Tourliani descends from its place. In a journey that lasts about two hours, the locals of Mykonos follow it from Ano Mera to Chora. This miraculous image is considered to be the work of the Apostle Luke. The icon remains in one of the churches of Chora until Saturday of Lazarus, when it returns to the monastery – again accompanied by believers.

On the eve of this day, “lazarakia” are created, handmade cookies in human form, made with sugar, raisins and cloves in place of the eyes.

On Palm Sunday, the inhabitants of the island gather in the once Metropolitan Church of Ag. Eleni in the castle. This is where the procession of the image begins while the children hold bagels in their hands.
On Holy Week, the glitter buns or glitter buns have their honor, which are made in various shapes and decorated with red eggs. The buns are distributed and placed on the table on Holy Saturday, while some of them are kept aside to be consumed until Pentecost.

On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, the bakeries make the bread in the shape of a cross. In fact, they symbolically cut it by hand and not with a knife.
On Good Friday, the Cultural and Folklore Association of Women of Mykonos has established that the Mololoi of the Virgin Mary be sung by women in all the parishes of Chora and Ano Mera. Fate is the culmination of Lent songs, as it is not only mourning for the Crucified Christ, but also support for the Virgin Mary.

The procession of the Epitaph takes place in Matogianni, Chora.
On Holy Saturday, the Resurrection takes place in the picturesque monastery of Paleokastro in Ano Mera and in the Diocese of Alevkandra.

On Easter Sunday, the people of Mykonos celebrate in their homes and in the afternoon they burn “Judas” in the square of Chora. Outdoor skewers are set up in Gialos and Ano Mera. Today, Easter, the custom of the “swing” is revived, with a blooming swing waiting to rock the lovers.

On Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, the table is rich, with the spear and all the traditional dishes on the table, sour cheese and louza, onion pie, meatballs, fried livers and -of course- red eggs!

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