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Orancon Travel Forum

The Orancon Group Athens Forum 2020 brings a major input in the tourism industry. The aim of this initiative is the globalization of our national tourist product, as well as the presentation of innovative and unique applications throughout the range of tourism activity.

For us in Orancon Group, it is widely recognized that Tourism in its broadest sense is no longer a matter of individual actions in an organization, but its development and optimization of the services will be the outcome of International Synergies as well as partnerships by organizations that have a Common Objective but also a Common Vision.

In addition to the main activities at the forum, there will be exhibition stands from all the companies of Orancon Group and other Greek and foreign Agents/Tour Operators, aiming at their promotion and presentation of their products and services. The Forum will be accompanied by the presence and participation of agents from Greece and abroad, representatives of the State and the involved Authorities in Tourism, students from Tourism Sciences and members of international Press.

During its two-day development on February 21 and 22, 2020, the Forum will be divided into thematic sections and presentations. In this framework the 2nd Shorex Annual Meeting (2020) will take place, with the participation of all stakeholders from 14 countries and 42 Ports which make up the network a holding brand of Big Blue Travel. In addition, a presentation of the Tours for Greece (Greek Spiti) will be held, as well as the official presentation of the pioneering workshops that resulted in the creation of the Albanian Spiti, Bulgarian Spiti, Cyprus Spiti, whereas special attention will be given to the presentation of Indian Spiti, which is the pinnacle in the expansion of these collaborations among the emerging markets such as India.

During the Forum, outside the protagonists’ contributions who lead of the whole project, workshops will take place, aiming at the analysis of the new products, the exchange of ideas for their improvement and their qualitative upgrading.

Following the Forum Workshops an official Lunch will take place on the afternoon (14:30pm) of 22/02.

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