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Spend an Amazing Easter on the Island of Mykonos – Mykonos Excursions

Spend an Amazing Easter on the Island of Mykonos

If you want to have the most amazing experience during spring, then Mykonos is a place where you can see the tradition brought to life in the most magnificent manner.

The weather is really nice and the island is ready to welcome the visitors who wish to celebrate Easter. Houses are always dressed in white, while the small little churches with red domes are ready to excite your senses.

The atmosphere is spiritual and the locals are always in a hurry to prepare everything according to their tradition, their customs and special habits. The church bells always invite you to participate and experience Easter on the island in its full glory. So what you can do is follow the customs and get into the vibe of the island.

During the Holy week, all bakeries on the island bake lazarakia, which are special biscuits. Another local custom is the sweet bread in round shape, decorated with intricate shapes and red eggs. The last two days, everybody gets ready for the traditional homemade food after a long fasting. On Holy Friday, you will taste the traditional braised meat in pot and many local appetizers, which are not always easy to find in the mainland, such as the local prosciutto named Luza, onion pie, the local cheese, Mykonian salad etc.

The great feast takes place on Sunday, the last day of Easter. There is an enormous celebration all over the island. The table is full of local goods and local wine, as well as great mood.

Since you will find yourself in Mykonos, you will enjoy all natural beauty of the island away from the summer noise. Quality is what you will enjoy, having an amazing experience near the blue sea. Tours are always available for you to explore the island, of course.

Mykonos will exceed your expectations in Easter, since you will have the opportunity to see something different every day in each area of the island.

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